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If you’re a professional manicurist, maybe you own your own salon, or you simply want to do your nails yourself in the comfort of your own home. then it’s obvious that one of the most important things for you is to make sure that you can give your customers or yourself the best service so that they or you leave happily while admiring their gorgeous nails.

uv led nail lampTo achieve this goal, talent is of upmost importance. You will struggle if you don’t have the ability necessary. But not far behind skill lies the next important factor: equipment. Using a gel polish from high-quality brands is only the first step. Using an equally high-quality LED or UV lamp to cure it is also highly advisable and will definitely go a long way in ensuring a gel manicure of a much higher quality.

When it comes to nail lamps, the best ones will always be either a UV lamp or a LED one. In fact, some models will even have both. When shopping for the next lamp for your gel nails, you need to take into consideration the difference between models, their designs, and the features they come with.

In this article, we will be reviewing the LED lamps that we believe will do the best job for your gel nails. Of course, we’ll also explain the reasons for you to consider getting any of them.

Factors to consider when choosing a nail lamp

When it comes to nail lamps, the opinions of salon professionals are still highly divided between UV, LED or even both. After all, each technology has its own set of perks as well as downsides.

Take the LED light for example. This technology is already proven to be longer lasting compared to UV lights.

There is also the fact that there are brands that work more effectively when using a LED lamp, to the point that the process would only take mere minutes as opposed to five minutes or even more.

Because of this, it is important to take into consideration the formulation of the gel polish your salon normally uses. If your place normally uses a gel polish formulated for UV use, then get a UV lamp. Of course, a LED lamp would be more advisable if your nail is made to be used with one. On the other hand, there is also the possibility that your store has a mixed bag of nail polish, where there are some made for UV lamps and a comparable number made for LED lamps. If this is the case, then getting nail lamps equipped with UV as well as LED may be the most advisable course of action for you.

Another thing to keep in mind is the longevity of the product. LED bulbs, which is what LED lamps use, are generally longer lasting compared to their UV bulb counterpart. However, a UV bulb is also less expensive than a LED bulb, so replacing one is cheap. Of course, you also need to take into consideration the possibility of it breaking down in the middle of being used, which might be an inconvenience to your customers. While not always a deal breaker for those who will only use their lamps for themselves, salon professionals will probably see this as a good enough reason to go for LED lamps instead.

If you’re still unsure on which lamp technology will be best suited for your needs, here’s a quick rundown of the best reasons to go for LED lamps, as well as the possible drawbacks.


  • Maintenance is relatively easy as well as inexpensive
  • Can cure nail polish made from shellac, as well as nail polish specifically made for LEDs
  • Specifically designed so that it can be used for manicures as well as pedicures
  • High-end models are less prone to overheating
  • Much safer compared to UV lights (having your skin exposed to UV can be dangerous)
  • Much more cost efficient compared to UV lamps (prices range from $25 up to $200, based on which model you get)
  • Much more energy efficient compared to UV lamps (depends on which model and its wattage)


  • Can only cure nail polish made from Shellac (aside from nail polish made for LEDs)
  • Can only handle one hand per use

If after reading all of these, you’ve finally concluded that a LED lamp is what your gel nails need, then here are some products are we absolutely recommend.

MelodySusie Professional LED Nail Lamp for Gel Nails

After going through a significant number of LED lamps, the conclusion is that nothing beats the models made by MelodySusie. And we’re not alone in this, hundreds of customers have also shown their love for this brand. When it comes to gel nails, you’ll surely get what you need from a LED lamp by MelodySusie, regardless of what gel-based nail polish you’re using.

MelodySusie is both a manufacturer as well as a supplier of nail lamps. Their products include both LED and UV technologies, sometimes even both. Additionally, their products are well suited not only for the average consumer, but for salon professionals as well.

professional led nail lampOne example of a great product from MelodySusie is the Pro60W Nail Lamp, which comes with both UV and LED lamp technologies, so you can use it for pretty much any brand of gel-based nail polish. Additionally, this model also doesn’t take long to cure your nail polish, so giving your customers their desired manicure will be made easier and faster. And despite being a UV/LED lamp, this product has a price tag of only $99, a reasonable price when you consider everything it can give you in terms of features and options.

MelodySusie designed this LED lamp with an outer shell made of plastic, while the mechanical components are made from metal. What’s so great about this product is that it is a strong and durable, high-quality model, which you certainly wouldn’t expect given that it’s so lightweight. Don’t worry, this one is built well and made to be dependable, regardless of the weight. In fact, this product is designed specifically for professionals, so you’ll surely get a return on your investment sometime in the future.

The Pro60 packaging contains LED beads, kickstand feet, as well as its power cord (it has a switch) and handle (for transportation). Its mouth and base are also designed to be broad. In terms of features, it packs quite a lot, including several settings for the timer. All of these to make sure that you get (or can give) the best salon experience possible.

This model is high-powered, since designed to be used professionally in a salon. However, if you’re looking for something more appropriate for home use, MelodySusie offers another model rated at only 12W.

Check this out for a quick rundown of this product


  • Highly rated by other customers
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Can be used with any gel-based nail polish made for UV or LED, regardless of brand (CND Shellac, Sally Hansen, or OPI)
  • Comes with 4 different timer settings
  • Easy Storage
  • Durable and built to last
  • Doesn’t cause burned hands when used
  • Equipped with a touch sensor that can automatically turn on the LED bulb
  • Comes with kickstands that can be adjusted to accommodate different sizes of hands and feet
  • Has a handle for easier transportation
  • Can be used in a professional salon or by a DIY-er at home
  • Covered by warranty for 12 months


  • Touch sensor isn’t the best there is
  • Buttons located on top are a touch too sensitive
  • Short power cord

Features and their benefits

The best reason to go for this model by MelodySusie is the fact that it gives you access to a boatload of features that you will surely find useful. These features include numerous timer settings and other controls, a broad mouth and base to accommodate hands or feet that are larger than average, and high wattage for faster performance.

When it comes to LED lamps for drying gel-based nail polish, the Pro60W by MelodySusie is definitely cutting-edge. It comes with several features, including timer settings (30s – 30 minutes). It also doesn’t overheat and won’t burn your hands or nails.

But of course, these features alone aren’t enough to guarantee a spot as one of the best LED lamps in the market, so what are its different features and how can they benefit you? Well, a lot, as it turns out. Including:

Advanced Design

This model comes with a design that can only be described as slick and might even remind you of the LED lamp by OPI. Its design includes the open base as well as kickstands for propping up the lamp, allowing larger hands and feet to be accommodated. Its open base helps in ensuring adequate ventilation as well, and minimizes the radiation from the UV. This helps in keeping the nails and hands healthy, as well as keep them cool.

Lamp Controls

An interesting thing to note about this nail lamp by MelodySusie is the fact that its controls aren’t conventional, since they actually face the other way. This feature makes this product perfect for salons, it so that the clients can easily control the settings, or even turn the lamp on or off, to suit their needs.

LED Beads

Instead of using full sized LED bulbs, MelodySusie chose to equip this LED lamp with small LED beads instead, arranged in multiple rows along the rim’s insides of the lamp. The 60W model even has 32 beads, so it can cure all sorts of gel-based nail polish of different brands relatively quickly.

Timer Settings

This nail lamp also comes with 4 choices for the timer settings: 15s, 30s, 45s, and 60s. To choose a setting, all you need to do is press the corresponding button located at the top.

And due to the way, it’s designed, this lamp will also be easily used, even for the client. Since the buttons are already facing their way, they can just easily select the option they want before sliding their hand (or foot) in. Once the sensor inside detects their hands, it will automatically turn on the LED beads.

Social proof

When you’re going to buy the best led nail lamp, it’s important to do your research first. The best place to get a measure of how well the product will perform is from the reviews of the other people who already got that product. In this regard, the Pro60 lamp from MelodySusie will not disappoint. In fact, the reviews show that most people are very much satisfied in this lamp’s performance. You’ll find that it will do its job perfectly, whether for home or salon use.


  1. MelodySusie 12W Nail Lamp

This is the aforementioned 12W version of the model discussed above. Don’t expect this model to have the same capabilities as the 60W one, however. This one is made to be used at home instead of inside salons.

However, if you are looking for a lamp you can use at home for you gel nails, then this will surely not disappoint. As far as cost-effectiveness goes, it’s topnotch. This is further backed by various product reviews.


  • Usable with all brands of gel polish
  • Lightweight, compact, easily used
  • Automatic sensor
  • Four timer settings
  • Usable for manicures as well as pedicures


  • Only usable with gel polish made for LEDs
  • Longer curing time
  • Might not be enough power for salon use


  1. Gelish 18G Professional LED Light

Another great LED lamp, this one is rated at 36 watts (two LED bulbs rated at 18 watts) so it’s not as powerful as MelodySusie’s Pro60. Despite that, it is still worthy of consideration. This model’s highlights include its small and compact design, lightweight construction, ease of use and of course, it gets the job done.

However, it also costs quite a lot ($200), so it’s not very cost-effective. Considering the competition, it’s not cost efficient either.


  • Usable with all brands of gel polish
  • Lightweight, compact, easily used
  • Well-designed
  • LED bulbs rated at more than 50,000 hours
  • Temperature regulated
  • Three settings for the timer


  • Expensive
  • LED use only
  • Low wattage means longer curing time
  • Might not be enough power for salon use


  1. LKE 48W Nail Polish Gel Art Tools Professional LED UV Lamp Light

Another quality LED lamp, this one is also made to be used in salons as well as at home. It also comes with three settings for the timer. Since it’s rated at 48 watts, it’ll dry, cure and disinfect your nails in mere minutes. However, it’s still not as powerful as the Pro60 from MelodySusie.


  • Usable with either LED or UV formulated gel-based nail polish
  • Unique design
  • Three settings for the timer
  • Available in red, black, and white


  • Less power means longer curing time
  • Not well-designed for pedicures
  • Might not be enough power for salon use


Getting the best nail lamp for your salon is very important. You’ll want to make sure that your customers are given the best experience, and that they’ll be satisfied by the gel manicure you give them.

Because of this, it’s important to choose the very best model for your use. After careful research and consideration, the conclusion is that there is nothing better than the Pro60 by MelodySusie.


professional uv nail lampFor the best UV LED nail lamp for home use we recommend the Star 36W UV LED Lamp which is available for purchase here. It boasts double light source technology which cuts down the drying time & includes 3 timer settings of  30/60/99 seconds, Infrared auto sensor means you’ll never have to worry about messing up your nail polish while trying to adjust the timer before it dries, long lasting led beads comes with 12 led lights which each can last over 5 years and comes with multiple power supply & the usb lead means this is an extremely portable professional led nail lamp.

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