Removing Blackheads From Your Nose

Most of us have heard of blackheads. If you’re familiar with acne, you know that it’s common to develop this sort of thing on your face. But today we’ll be focusing on your nose!

Your nose is right there at the front of the line in your everyday life. There’s nothing to block it from the sun’s radiation. Sweat can just collect on your nose and sit there for a while. It’s no wonder why blackheads commonly appear on the nose.

If you’re having a blackhead issue on your honker, then we’re here to help. We’re going to go into the details of blackheads a little further. And then we’ll jump right into the tips that will help keep the skin on your nose clear and healthy. Curious to keep reading? Who “knows,” you just might learn a thing or two.

What Are Blackheads? What Causes Them?

A blackhead is a specific form of acne. It’s caused by the blockage of your skin’s pores with dead skin, bacteria, dirt, and skin oil (sebum). Unlike whiteheads, blackheads have an opening in the pores. Thanks to this opening, air is able to reach the “gunk” material inside of your blocked pores. The air oxidizes these materials, causing them to turn black. Hence the name blackhead.

Consider all of the elements that your nose is exposed to. Anything falling from the sky is either going to land on your head, or directly on your nose. Sweat can build up and stick to the top of your nose. Constant sun rays pelt down onto your nose, causing your skin to burn and die off. Blackheads on the nose are common, and we’re here to help you keep that nose clean.

5 Great Tips For Blackhead Removal

This article is about removing blackheads from the nose. But keep in mind that these tips will help you remove blackheads from any other part of your body as well. This is no one-trick pony, so bear that in mind as you read through these 5 fantastic tips for blackhead removal.

  • Be sure to exfoliate your skin. This involves using a gentle exfoliant to scrub away the dead layers of skin and other obstructions that can cause pore blockage. Be sure to practice moderation when exfoliating. You shouldn’t be scrubbing your skin more than once or twice or week. Otherwise, you may just irritate your skin and increase acne.
  • Make use of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs). One of the top recommended acids by dermatologists is salicylic acid, which is a BHA. Salicylic acid is known as a “gentle” acid that won’t aggravate your skin too much. It will remove dead skin and help unclog your pores. Be sure to practice moderation with these acids. Look for skin-care products that contain an active ingredient of an AHA or BHA.
  • Make sure that the skin-care products you use are oil-free. Excess oil is one of the main causes of blackheads. You don’t want to add even more oil to what is already there. When searching for products, be sure to look for “non-comedogenic” items. This means that they won’t block your pores while being used.
  • Try some retinoid cream. Retinol products usually go hand-in-hand with anti-aging goals. But they work wonders for blackheads as well. Retinoids really stake their claims by ensuring proper regeneration of your skin’s cells. This is important in the process of blackhead removal and skin maintenance.
  • Keep that skin moisturized! A lot of skin-care products can dehydrate your skin, especially if you are using them often. You have to counterbalance this effect by using a solid moisturizer. Be sure to look for non-comedogenic moisturizers so you don’t increase your chances of developing even more acne.

The Best 3-Step Routine To Remove/Prevent Blackheads

Looking for simplicity in your skin-care routine? If it’s simplicity you want, then it’s simplicity you’ll get. Follow this 3-step routine, and you’ll be well on your way to clear skin.

  • CLEANSE your face every single day. A lot goes on in a day. You’re moving around and sweating. You’re collecting dirt and bacteria. You should wash your face at least once a day, but we recommend doing it twice. Once when you wake up, and again at the end of your day. Use our best blackhead remover daily.
  • EXFOLIATE your skin. This will help remove the dead skin that collects on your face on a regular basis. If you can remove this dead skin before it gets trapped in your pores, then you are well on your way to prevent more blackheads from appearing. Bear in mind that you shouldn’t be exfoliating/scrubbing your face more than twice a week.
  • MASK your face with clay once a week. Clay will help draw out the excess oil in your skin. And excess oil is one of the contributing factors for blackheads. A clay mask will also help you clean your skin of bacteria and dirt.

Blackhead Removal Methods To Avoid

There are plenty of good methods out there when it comes to removing blackheads from your nose. Unfortunately, there are also a handful of bad practice methods. We’re going to discuss 2 of those bad methods with you today.

Pore strips seem to be popular when it comes to removing blackheads. But here’s the thing… they are only temporary fixes. Remember how we said that blackheads involve openings in the pores? Well… when you use pore strips, you are only removing the “gunk” from inside of the pores. But you are still left with an open pore that can easily be refilled with all of those materials that form a blackhead.

How about squeezing your blackheads? Is this a good idea? The short answer is this: NO! And the reason is because squeezing your blackheads can lead to permanent scarring. There’s not really any point in removing a blackhead if you’re just going to leave a permanent scar. If you want to use a “squeeze” method, then you should have a professional do it. Someone such as a dermatologist will know how to squeeze your blackheads without leaving permanent damage.

In Conclusion…

A blackhead is a form of acne that is caused by your skin’s pores being blocked with materials such as dead skin, bacteria, dirt, and excess oil. Blackheads, unlike whiteheads, have open pores that allow air to reach the “gunk” materials inside. When air touches these materials, they turn black, forming what is known as a blackhead.

A common place for blackheads to occur is on the nose. There are some steps you can take to eliminate and prevent blackheads. These steps include exfoliation, the usage of AHAs and BHAs, using oil-free products, using retinoids, and keeping your skin moisturized.

You should avoid using pore strips, because they are only temporary fixes to a long-term blackhead problem. If you plan on using a “squeeze” method to remove blackheads, you should consult a professional to make sure permanent scarring isn’t left on your skin. A licensed professional will be able to safely remove your blackheads without scarring.

So, what do you think? Do you feel like you’re ready to tackle those pesky nose blackheads? We sure hope so. Just like anything else involving your health, you will need to invest a bit of time, money, and effort into a skin-care routine. By maintaining healthy skin practices, you’ll have clear skin in no time. And this isn’t just speculation. Dermatologists recommend investing some of your energy into maintaining healthy skin. Mr. Blackhead “knows” he doesn’t stand a chance against your newfound knowledge on this subject.

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