Top Blackhead Pore Vacuum Buyers Guide 2020

Skincare technology has been taking giant strides in recent years. This should come as no surprise because a lot of people consider the skin as one of the main priorities in self-care. It is, after all, what others first notice about us. A person with clear skin looks healthy and clean, two qualities that we all think are attractive.

One of the nifty little devices that everyone has been raving about and that you should have in your skincare regimen is the pore vacuum a.k.a. blackhead remover. It doesn’t matter how many creams and ointments you slather onto your face if you don’t have a clean base to start with. The good stuff is rarely ever cheap too, so you’d be practically throwing money down the drain.

What makes the pore vacuum so cool? It’s a treatment option for skin problems that you can do yourself. You can skip the costly visits to your dermatologist because you’d be able to keep your face spick and span in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Seems interesting? Read on to find out more about this marvelous device. We’ve done our research and created this guide to answer all the questions you may have about this revolutionary facial pore cleanser and what it can do for you. We’ve also listed the best blackhead vacuum out on the market right now for you to go over. Let’s get to it.

Understanding acne

Acne comes in many forms (blackheads included) and you could have it for a number of reasons – from hormonal imbalances to just plain lack of hygiene. What’s good to remember is that acne affects almost everyone at some point and that it is treatable. Everyone’s skin is different and you just have to figure out how to properly care for yours.

How does acne form in the first place? We’ll have to take a closer look at how your skin takes care of itself just like how the rest of your body has a way of regulating its systems.

Underneath the outer layers of your skin, you’ll find what’s called sebaceous glands. These glands are responsible for producing an oil-like substance called sebum. Sebum is important because it keeps your skin from drying out and aging prematurely. It also carries impurities that your skin has accumulated back out to the surface by way of your facial pores.

That’s where you come in. Normally, this debris should be cleared away with a gentle cleanser or face wipes. But this doesn’t always happen like clockwork. Sometimes, your sebaceous glands work overtime. This could result in two things – an oily sheen on your face and dirt getting stuck in your pores.

Essentially, your pores get clogged. Because very few of us live in truly sterile environments, bacteria gets trapped along with dirt, dead skin cells, and excess sebum in a pore. It doesn’t take long for the pore to get infected, start to swell, and turn red. This pus-filled pocket is what we all know as pimples.

As for blackheads, the only difference is that the gunk that gets stuck in your pores is introduced to the air around you, causing it to turn black. That’s why you see these little black dots forming usually around the nose and cheeks. But pimples and blackheads form more or less the same way.

What exactly is a pore vacuum?

As the name implies, a pore vacuum works very much like your typical household vacuum. It sucks impurities out of your skin by effectively unclogging your pores. It’s a small device that runs on batteries and you could attach different kinds of suction cups onto the end of it.

Why would they give you the option of changing the suction cups? Because the skin on your face is not all the same. Some areas are more delicate, with smaller, finer, pores. Some areas, like your cheeks, usually have larger pores. It’s only right that you should be able to switch out the vacuum suction to clean your entire face.

A good pore vacuum should also have the option of adjusting the suction levels because too strong of a suction could damage your skin. Whatever is sucked out of your pores should also stay on the suction cup to keep the bacteria from spreading everywhere else. You want to get rid of the bacteria, not just transfer it.

Then after a pore vacuum session, you should be able to easily disassemble your device and clean it as instructed.

How do you use a pore vacuum to remove blackheads?

blackheads on face

It’s highly advised that you wash you face with a mild cleanser before using a pore vacuum. Never use it when you still have makeup or any other beauty product on your face. Washing up beforehand should also get rid of the dirt that’s sitting right on the surface of your skin.

For the best results, take the time to steam your face too. You could put a warm towel on your face if you don’t have a steaming device. It works just as well. This helps open up your pores, exposing what needs to be sucked out by the pore vacuum.

Another thing that you shouldn’t forget to do is to disinfect. By using an antibacterial cleanser, this ensures that most of the bacteria that gets sucked out don’t just live on and infect other areas of your face. It’s one thing to apply a solution to a problem. Prevention is another.

Once you’re all set, decide on what part of your face you’re starting with and select the proper suction cup. Test the level of suction on your hand first. You want to make sure that it isn’t too strong. The goal here is not to give yourself little hickies. Whether you have sensitive skin or not, always start with the lowest suction level on your first time. You face is not a carpet.

Now that everything is ready, carefully go over your entire face using the different suction cups. Focus on your problem areas, but don’t linger on them either. Two to 3 seconds per spot is being thorough enough. It’s easy to get carried away, but it’s not recommended that you exceed that 3-second window.

Afterwards, disinfect once again. Go over your face with an antibacterial cleanser. The device needs cleaning too. Go over it with cotton ball drenched in rubbing alcohol to kill the bacteria and to get it ready for the next usage.

Because the process is fairly quick, suctioning your entire face should only take a couple of minutes. You can do this for up to 3 to 4 times in a week, depending on how gentle your pore vacuum is. When you’re done using the device, you can then put on your usual creams and serums and see them take better effect.

What are the benefits of using a pore vacuum?

Those microdermabrasion treatments you get your dermatologist to do for you? A pore vacuum accomplishes the same thing at home. Here are the things you can expect from this type of acne treatment aid:

  1. It gets rid of dead skin.

Accumulated dead skin makes your face look dull and unhealthy. That’s why after a microdermabrasion treatment, you come out with a youthful glow and a fresh look. Some products like face scrubs claim to do this for you, but at a cost. The tiny beads in scrubs cause micro-tears, which lead to micro-scarring.

  1. It promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Lymphatic drainage is usually done by gently massaging the face. This reduces puffiness and brings blood back to the face. Blood is the carrier of oxygen and other nutrients throughout the body. A pore vacuum does the same thing, but easier and quicker.

  1. It brings back elastin to the face.

One of the major causes of visible aging is the loss of elasticity. Firmness goes, causing the skin to sag and wrinkles to form. Stimulating the cells through suctioning should help produce elastin and collagen.

  1. It doesn’t hurt.

If you’re over sitting through painful methods just to keep your face clear, then this is the perfect alternative for that. You must be familiar with treatments that use harsh chemicals for peeling and sharp tools for extractions. Frankly, these processes are way too invasive for your face. You could get the same results with a pore vacuum in a pain-free way.

  1. It saves time and money.

We’re living fast-paced lives and we want to see results right away. Using a pore vacuum means less trips to the dermatologist and less money spent on chemical cleansers that take weeks to show resutls. This handheld pore cleanser only takes a few minutes to use and you’ll see the stunning results immediately after use.

Is the pore vacuum right for you?

There’s no real danger in using a pore vacuum. If you have acne-prone skin, then it’s all the more beneficial for you.  Apart from the benefits listed above, which elaborates on how this blemish remover vacuum can help solve and prevent skin problems, it can also improve your skin’s overall condition.

Take large pores as an example. We all know that these can be very unsightly and there are many products out there that promise to get rid of them but with little to no results to show for it. Vacuuming out impurities will train your skin to not hold on to various unwanted debris, thus shrinking them back to their original size.

Using a pore vacuum consistently is not just a one-time remedy for recurring skin problems like using a pore strip or some harsh toner. Anyone can use it and it’s unlikely that they’ll regret it.

Our favorite pore vacuums

And now to the devices themselves. Whether you’re looking for a pore vacuum as an acne remover or solely as a blackhead vacuum, we’ve got you covered.

  1. The skin champ: BlueOrchids’ Dermasuction Skin Care Tool

If you’ve got a couple of skin problems, not just blackheads, an all-in-one product should do the trick. This one aims to alleviate blemishes and even wrinkles, leaving clean and youthful-looking skin, primed and ready for your usual creams and serums.

BlueOrchids also caters specifically those who have sensitive skin. So if you’re a little worried about performing this treatment at home by yourself, this tool was designed to cleanse the most delicate skin types. Reviewers love this products and so do we.


  • Gets rid of pimples and blackheads
  • Improves the appearance of deep to fine lines
  • Designed for sensitive skin
  • Beauty expert favorite
  • Affordable for what it can do
  1. For advanced cleaning: Lanccona Blackhead Vacuum with Hot and Cold Compress

If you’re looking for something a bit heavy-duty and with a couple of cool features to boot, try this one. It can get rid of the most stubborn blackheads and comes with three colored beauty lamps for promoting collagen, skin whitening and smoothening.

Not only does it help with acne, you can enjoy its anti-aging capabilities as well. The best part? No more steaming and applying ice cubes. This device can warm up and cool down your skin to open up your pores before treatment and to shrink them afterwards.


  • 4 suctions levels
  • 6 interchangeable suction cups
  • Red, green, blue beauty lamps
  • Made with eco-friendly materials that are FDA certified
  • Great reviews


  • On the pricier side, but still considered mid-range.
  1. For professional treatments at home: Microderm GLO Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine and Suction Tool

This tool is for those who are not kidding around when it comes to skincare and only want the best to ever touch their face. Yes, it’ll cost a pretty penny, but it’ll save you thousands of dollars’ worth of dermatologist fees. Actual dermatologists recommend this product, so we were confident with this one even before we tried it out for ourselves.


  • Improves acne and wrinkles
  • Doctor-approved
  • Primes your skin for creams and serums by 50% (no more wasting products)
  • Very intuitive to use
  • Comes with a charging base, diamond tips, filter replacements, and a carry pouch for travelling
  • Very gentle and not as abrasive as other microdermabrasion treatments


  • Expensive, but you can get this very same treatment from your dermatologist or at spas at higher costs.

There you have it. These are our favorites for low, mid and high range best blackhead remover vacuum tools. Try them out according to your needs and your budget. With the consistent use of a good pore vacuum, you’re on your way to maintaining clean, healthy and beautiful skin.

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