Posture Correction Braces – A Remedy To Your Stooping Shoulders.

Are you a tech-savvy spending long hours in front of your laptop? Or a teenager who is spending an unreasonable amount of time hooked to your favorite gaming device. Beware, you are at an increased risk of getting a bad posture.

By the way, it’s not all bad news for those who have already developed posture-related issues. Many options can help you correct your stooped back. Let us look at the best way to correct your posture.
Its quite common to hear people complaining of backache, neck sprains, and muscle spasms these days. Experts believe that increased number of lower back complaints are directly linked to bad posture.


This can be attributed to our sedentary lifestyle centered around gadgets and other factors such as muscle weakness, genetic factors, lack of awareness on the right posture, joint stiffness, height of a person, etc.

Even poorly designed work stations can be a contributing factor to a bad posture. Heavy exercises, the improper posture adopted while doing your weights, long hours of standing in teaching or lecturing profession can also lead to people getting this undesirable posture.

Common Concerns of bad posture

Bad posture affects the self-confidence of a person. Stooping shoulders are not a desirable body language so that the person may suffer from low self-esteem. Moreover, it also leads to a host of other issues such as rounded shoulders, hunch back, pot belly, body aches, knee weakness, and even headaches. Poor posture can lead to abnormal breathing patterns which in turn might cause fatigue.

Correction Braces A Remedy

Our busy lives leave us with very little time to care for our health. Posture correction requires a bit of extra attention in terms of closely monitoring our habits of sitting, standing, and walking. Our fast-paced lifestyle does not allow us the luxury of time for such deep self-introspection. Hence over the counter, ready-made gadgets are a top pick when it comes to finding immediate solutions to our health concerns. Braces are an excellent option to help you with the task without having to worry about correcting it yourself regularly. 

How Do These Back Braces Work?

The back posture corrector braces help in retraining your muscles to achieve an upright posture with less or no effort from your end. It can help to build lost muscle tone in the torso, core muscles, and abs in people who have slumped or stooping shoulders. More people are turning to this option to help them keep their posture straight when they have to spend long hours in front of the computer.

These braces are used initially to help people with chronic back pain, but today improved versions are available to help uproot the leading cause of back and spine related problems.

back posture corrector for women

Things to Keep in mind when buying posture braces

It is quite natural for you to get the instinct of trying these braces to help you get into the habit of a right posture. Keep in mind that its no magic formula and consider the following points before going in for one.

  • No Magic Wand – This is no magic gear or wand to help you ward off the habit that you have been holding on to for years. But it will help you keep your frame straight and sturdy, which otherwise is a difficult task. 
  • Dependence – Make sure you use it as a support rather than a necessity to hold your back firm. The idea of correcting your posture should be strongly dependent on your will power and not the equipment. Increases dependence can weaken your muscles a bit. Experts advise you to use it in conjunction with posture strengthening exercises.
  • Comfort – Be sure you are choosing the right one that aligns well to your muscles. It will take some time for your body to get used to it, but it should not be something that bothers you a lot while going about your daily routine.
  • Good Quality – Always go in for good quality ones as its not the money but your health that is more important. You wouldn’t want to go for a cheaper quality and ruin your back.

Now that we know what to expect from the posture correction equipment. Let us take a quick tour on some of the leading types of correction braces available in the market. 

Different Types of Posture Correction Devices 

You will be overwhelmed by the number of options the market has in store to correct your posture. You have a plethora of choices starting from elastic braces, magnetic ones to apps that send you reminders to correct your posture. Explore some of the options in detail

  • Cross Elastic Braces – These are the basic ones which will help you easily slip into and use it with comfort. This correction brace is more suitable for women as it helps them balance the weight of the breasts pulling the chest forward. It provides the lightest support among the variants but it is sure a comfortable option.
  • Molded Braces – This help is supporting your upper back as it includes a stiff plastic or metal piece that positions in between the shoulder blades. It acts effectively in preventing the tendency to slouch. These are a bit heavier and may not be ideal for hiding it under your clothes. Molded braces are suitable for people who have stooped upper back.
  • Long Line Back Brace – These are suitable for people who already have a history of low back pain. It supports you’re back right from the base of your neck till your hip. 
  • Magnetic Brace – There is no substantial scientific evidence if magnets help in relieving the pain, but users point out that they feel a lot better using them for posture correction and pain relief as well. 

Advantages of using posture correction braces

Correction braces are effective ways to combat pain and posture-related issues. 

  • Pain Relief – It acts as an effective pain reliever for chronic back pain.
  • They are making muscles stronger without putting too much pressure on your spine.
  • Posture devices can help correct breathing difficulties associated with a bad posture.
  • Helps in improving your confidence level. 

While we have presented you with our options on the market; it is in your best interest to also get the opinion of your orthopedic consultant before you choose to use them. Consciously avoid slouching and hunching to keep your back happy and in the right position.

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