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Are you experiencing splitting headaches after a particularly tedious day that you spent completely standing or sitting? Have you ever wondered how that excruciating pain that radiates from your neck and travels down your spine originates? Did you ever weigh the pros and cons of your desk job which is probably taking a toll on your neck, back, and shoulders and you don’t even know it yet!

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Welcome to the 21st-century woes:

Let us face the facts. We all are leading a near sedentary lifestyle. There is a zilch exercise in it save a few steps that we take to walk between our work cubicles. To top it all, we cramp our bodies into uncomfortable swiveling chairs that we heat up all day and our feet into always one size small stilettos or heels and stand for hours together.

What does all this do to our posture?

Wreak havoc, of course!

But first, what is a good posture. A good posture is when the spine is in a neutral position. A neutral spine will have three natural curves.

  • The first curve is a small hollow that sits at the base of the neck, near the medulla oblongata
  • The second curve is more a concave curvature that bulges somewhere in the middle back area
  • The third curve is formed at the hollow of the lower back where the pelvis is.
Posture Corrector Device

A good posture will mean that all the three curves of the body are seen. A lot of people believe that a good posture means standing straight; no! The most ideal posture is when the ears, the shoulders, the hips, knees, and ankles all align in one single straight line.

Keep your posture in check:

This is far easier said than done. The issue is that sometimes we are so overwhelmingly busy with work at hand that maintaining the right posture while sitting or standing is possibly the last thing on our mind. With the best of intentions, you may begin with sitting or standing straight but with time, you will slouch and bend over your desk and that is wont.

A bad posture can mean a lot of health complications:

  • Sharp pain in the back making movement or exercising difficult: slouching, hunching and typically bending over on the desk is associated with shooting pain in the spine damaging the vertebral column and the muscles and the ligaments surrounding it.
  • Terrible headaches and pain that radiates through the neck downwards is an annoying thing. A bad posture can aggravate headaches and even cause loss of workdays.
  • Respiratory difficulties leading to fatigue, brain fogs, and loss of attention deficiency are the fallout of maintaining a bad posture. When you slouch, your diaphragm gets constricted narrowing the space for organs housed in it. The lungs especially take the brunt of it because when they get constricted, there is shallow breathing which is no good news for your system in the long run.
  • Say bye-bye to depression and hello good mental health with great posture. A good posture is a precursor for self-esteem and confidence. Studies have often linked bad moods, lesser confidence, and depression-like symptoms to bad posture.
  • Who doesn’t want to look charming and appealing? A good posture makes people look slimmer and smarter.

Do you suffer from bad posture?

Here are posture corrector devices to your rescue:

The JazzyJoy Magnetic Posture corrector brace:

This is one of the most common of all posture correctors. It is simple to slip into and also easily available on the market. The cost is very justified because this is not just durable but also something that can be paired under anything that you wear over it. Not a single soul will know that you are wearing it unless of course, you choose to wear it over your clothes.

Electronic Posture Correcting Devices:

This is all high tech and all that. These can be in the form of a wearable that you wear on your body that will beep or vibrate when you lose your posture or it could be in the form of a sticker that is connected to an application on your phone. These devices are quite popular but there is not much data on their efficacy yet.

The downside of these devices can be that there is nothing that they do apart from sending a reminder. The onus of correcting the posture still lies with the person sporting the wearable.

Posture corrector braces with clavicle support:

These are an improvement over the physical brace where the brace is molded with plastic, silicone or metal, mostly aluminum framework to give firmer support to the collar bones and the shoulders. The brace can be a little inconvenient till the time you get used to wearing it for a few hours at a stretch.

A posture corrector vest:

This is for people with poor posture who are suffering from lower back pain. The brace is designed to look like a vest and it has a belt contraption that can be tightened around the stomach. The brace is very effective for people who have radiating pain from the neck to the lower back. The only flipside is that it is not as discreet as other braces.

There is one question that most of them come around asking. Is wearing a posture corrector more effective than doing posture correcting exercises?

Yes to that, Here is why.

  • A posture corrector device is something that you leave on you much longer than you can exercise. It, therefore, enforces better habits.
  • For patients with weak postural muscles such as the lower back and the hamstrings, exercise may not be the best of options. In fact, it can do them more harm
  • With a posture correcting device, you will not have to consciously pull yourself up after say every twenty minutes that you catch yourself slouching.
  • They can be worn anywhere, at home, work, gym, pool anywhere.
  • Exercising takes a really long time to show results.


It is true that wearing posture correcting devices for too long is not good either because then the muscles start to become dependent on it. However, the approach should be to wear the posture correctors for a couple of hours daily to move your spine into effortless alignment and then slowly wean away from it to allow the muscles to take over.

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